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Until recent dates we have a reference to federated GNU Social nodes at fediverse.org.

Updated 04/01/2018: as I published this page in  GNU Social @criztovyl told me that he has created a new service of fediverse.org where we can check in real time federated nodes.

The new service it’s at  http://fediverse.joinout.de/

I’ll keep old data for a while here.

As old domain it’s no longer available, I’ve recovered last update at Wayback Machine at archive.org (2/4/2018) and managed a little to publish most data here.

On that date there was 228 federated nodes identified. 123 are still active at end of Mars 2018, 49 with open registration.

Not sure about every data here, I’ve only checked wich nodes are active.

At least we can have a reference to know active nodes and to search for accounts and people to follow.


Federated node Active Invite-only Text limit
https://2mb.social Yes No 1024
https://anarchism.space Yes No 1000
https://bluex.im/index.php Yes No 1000
https://bobinas.p4g.club Yes No 5000
https://freezepeach.xyz Yes No 1516
https://gnusocial.cardina1.red Yes No 1000
https://gnusocial.club Yes No 6000
https://gnusocial.de Yes No 1024
https://gnusocial.net Yes No 500
https://gnusocial.no Yes No 1000
https://gorf.club Yes No no limit
https://gs.prvcy.eu Yes No 1000
https://gs.sdf.org Yes No 1000
https://gs.sdfeu.org Yes No 1000
https://gs.smuglo.li Yes No no limit
https://guany.in Yes No 1000
https://jabb.in Yes No 1000
https://js4.in/alttw Yes No 800
https://kwat.chat Yes No 2000
https://kyubitter.xyz Yes No 1000
https://lamatrix.ml Yes No 1000
https://linuxinthenight.com Yes No 1000
https://loadaverage.org Yes No no limit
https://npf.mlpol.net Yes No 1000
https://plateia.org Yes No 1000
https://quitter.cl Yes No 1000
https://quitter.dk Yes No 1000
https://quitter.es Yes No 1000
https://quitter.im Yes No 1000
https://quitter.is Yes No 1000
https://quitter.no Yes No 1000
https://quitter.se Yes No 140
https://rainbowdash.net Yes No 1000
https://redere.org Yes No 1000
https://schnackr.hamburg.freifunk.net Yes No 1000
https://sealion.club Yes No 1516
https://shitposter.club Yes No 3800
https://social.au2pb.net Yes No 1000
https://social.consumium.org Yes No 1000
https://social.mayfirst.org Yes No 1140
https://social.mercerist.space Yes No 1000
https://social.pzn.lgbt Yes No 777
https://social.stopwatchingus-heidelberg.de Yes No 500
https://social.tchnics.de Yes No 1024
https://solutionpoint.asia Yes No 140
https://status.vinilox.eu Yes No 2048
https://unsafe.space Yes No 1000
https://woofer.alfter.us Yes No 1000
https://www.wrongthink.net Yes No 1024
https://bikeshed.party Yes Yes 5000
https://blovice.bahnhof.cz Yes Yes 5000
https://cofe.social Yes Yes 12000
https://cycosmos.org Yes Yes 1000
https://dent.gomertronic.com Yes Yes 140
https://edolas.world Yes Yes 5000
https://forum.ama.ne.jp Yes Yes 5000
https://gnusocial.ch Yes Yes no limit
https://gnusocial.li Yes Yes 1000
https://gnusocial.raitisoja.com Yes Yes 1000
https://gnusocial.villanos.net Yes Yes 1000
https://gs.jonkman.ca Yes Yes no limit
https://gs.kawa-kun.com Yes Yes 1000
https://gs.m0n5t3r.info Yes Yes 1536
https://gs.morphtown.de Yes Yes 1140
https://herds.eu Yes Yes no limit
https://indy.im Yes Yes no limit
https://kawaiistu.moe Yes Yes 5000
https://lamatriz.org Yes Yes 1500
https://libertarianism.club Yes Yes 10000
https://lybre.net/statusnet Yes Yes no limit
https://micro.thelovebug.org Yes Yes 280
https://mupub.unfettered.net Yes Yes 1000
https://n0.federati.net Yes Yes 1164
https://nu.federati.net Yes Yes 1164
https://ostatus.shnoulle.net Yes Yes no limit
https://p.kokolor.es Yes Yes 5000
https://pigs.social Yes Yes 5000
https://pirati.cc Yes Yes 640
https://pleroma.gdgd.jp.net Yes Yes 5000
https://pleroma.hjkos.com Yes Yes 5000
https://pleroma.iro-iro.xyz Yes Yes 5000
https://pleroma.knzk.me Yes Yes 5000
https://pleroma.miniwa.moe Yes Yes 5000
https://pleroma.nakanod.net Yes Yes 5000
https://pleroma.playground.ws Yes Yes 5000
https://pleroma.soykaf.com Yes Yes 0
https://shigusegubu.club Yes Yes 5000
https://sn.chromic.org Yes Yes no limit
https://sn.genesismachina.ca Yes Yes 1000
https://soc.freedombone.net Yes Yes 5000
https://social.bitcast.info Yes Yes 5000
https://social.cofe.space Yes Yes 5000
https://social.daemons.it Yes Yes 4096
https://social.expectnomore.net Yes Yes 1000
https://social.gibiris.org Yes Yes 1000
https://social.hacktivis.me Yes Yes 5000
https://social.heldscal.la Yes Yes 5000
https://social.hidamari.blue/index.php Yes Yes 42069
https://social.hoergen.org Yes Yes 1024
https://social.i2p.rocks Yes Yes 5000
https://social.ilikefreedom.ro Yes Yes 140
https://social.kokolor.es Yes Yes 1000
https://social.mikegerwitz.com Yes Yes 0
https://social.mxchange.org Yes Yes 1000
https://social.netzkombinat.su Yes Yes 5000
https://social.realmofespionage.xyz Yes Yes 1000
https://social.sakamoto.gq Yes Yes 5000
https://social.stormdragon.tk Yes Yes 1024
https://social.systemreboot.net Yes Yes 1000
https://social.tekk.in Yes Yes 1000
https://social.umeahackerspace.se Yes Yes 1000
https://sozial.derguhl.de Yes Yes 5000
https://status.akionux.net Yes Yes no limit
https://status.fsf.org Yes Yes 280
https://status.mathematicon.com Yes Yes no limit
https://status.pirati.ca Yes Yes 640
https://status.rudism.com Yes Yes 1000
https://status.samnoble.org Yes Yes 140
https://status.undernet.uy Yes Yes 10000
https://theru.xyz Yes Yes 4096
https://u.qdnx.org Yes Yes 140
https://www.bootsie.org.uk/microblog/index.php Yes Yes 1000
https://allbees.be No No 1000
https://allbees.org No No 1000
https://app.h3z.jp/gs No No 1000
https://bloodsuckers.merylscarlett.info No No 1000
https://cloudwarez.xyz No No 1000
https://community.highlandarrow.com No No 1000
https://community.midskiller.org No No 200000
https://crosstalk.co No No 360
https://dent.smithfam.info No No 1140
https://electionfever.net No No 1400
https://elparque.faccionlatina.org No No 1000
https://equestriarp.net No No 1250
https://everybodys.freeball.in No No 1000
https://gnu.acclaro.digital No No 1000
https://gnus.wideweb.me No No 1000
https://gnusocial.me No No 1000
https://gnusocial.red No No 1000
https://gnutan.xyz No No 1500
https://gs.h3z.jp No No 1000
https://gs.omaera.org No No 1000
https://hakui.club No No 5000
https://heio.co No No 1000
https://iamover18.org NSFW No No 1000
https://kwitter.club No No 1000
https://lactomeda.tk No No 4000
https://legadolibre.com.ar No No 1000
https://legadolibre.com.ar/index.php No No 1000
https://madrid.how No No 1000
https://monkeystew.social No No 200000
https://oracle.skilledtests.com No No 940
https://p2px.me No No 2000
https://pags.to No No no limit
https://pina.space No No 1000
https://post.mashek.net No No 9001
https://quitter.cat No No 1000
https://quitter.nl.eu.org No No 1000
https://quitter.nu No No 1000
https://quitter.pl No No 1000
https://quod.pl No No 65535
https://social.bka.li No No no limit
https://social.foss.guru No No 1000
https://social.pirata.xyz No No 1000
https://soykaf.com No No 10000
https://spnbabble.sitepronews.com No No 140
https://statusnet.mamalibre.com.ar No No 230
https://theshi.re No No 200000
https://unstable.tchnics.de No No 512
https://www.tpaw.org No No 500
https://s.russwurm.org No Yes 1140
https://anarchy.social No Yes 1000
https://betafive.net No Yes 1522
https://bobinas.pandilla4gatos.tk No Yes 5000
https://cybernude.org No Yes no limit
https://demos6.softaculous.com/GNU_social/index.php No Yes 1000
https://esp.community No Yes 5000
https://fresh.federati.net No Yes 1000
https://gnusocial.codingquark.com No Yes 1000
https://gnusocial.mrpetovan.com No Yes 1000
https://gnusocial.tamanoir.foucry.net No Yes 1000
https://gs.archae.me No Yes 1000
https://gs.archaeme.tech No Yes 1000
https://headcrack.cf No Yes 1000
https://io.schiessle.org No Yes 10000
https://io.schiessle.org No Yes 10000
https://jakelaws.com/gnu/index.php No Yes 1000
https://liberakampo.org No Yes 1000
https://micro.fragdev.com No Yes 1140
https://micro.mart-e.be No Yes no limit
https://microblog.ourcoffs.org.au No Yes 280
https://mix.eibriel.com No Yes 5000
https://n2.federati.net No Yes 1024
https://nedson.net No Yes 1000
https://neterarti.furtherfield.org No Yes 1000
https://netzkombinat.su No Yes 512
https://nstr.se No Yes 1922
https://pfoeh.li No Yes 1000
https://pleroma.distsn.org No Yes 5000
https://pleroma.koyu.space No Yes 5000
https://primatemind.info No Yes 2000
https://r314.hu/gnu/index.php No Yes 1000
https://rhbg.de/social/index.php No Yes 1000
https://s.libreden.net No Yes 1000
https://sn.1w6.org No Yes 280
https://sn.jonkman.ca No Yes no limit
https://sn.pztrn.name No Yes 1000
https://sn.realmofespionage.xyz No Yes 1000
https://sn.timttmy.co.uk No Yes 1000
https://social.10one.net No Yes 1000
https://social.archaeme.tech No Yes 7200
https://social.freifunk-minden.de No Yes 160
https://social.librestation.ca No Yes 1000
https://social.urgero.org No Yes 2000
https://social.wellton.com.br No Yes 1000
https://somsants.net No Yes no limit
https://status.blogsoviet.com No Yes 2048
https://status.homecomputing.fr No Yes 1000
https://status.imirhil.fr No Yes no limit
https://status.jezra.net No Yes no limit
https://status.kaimi.cc No Yes 1400
https://talkme.club/index.php No Yes 1000
https://thezombie.net No Yes 5000
https://tlsocial.de No Yes 500
https://www.jirehdesigns.biz/index.php No Yes 1000
https://www.metal-friends.de/index.php No Yes 1000
https://www.quranite.net No Yes 1000
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